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You’re Not Infertile. You’re Just Not In Timing.



Time. We love it when we feel its on our side. We worry when we feel its not. Your fertility journey has less to do with time as we know it – minutes, seconds, hours, days etc… and more to do with how God orchestrates.

He’s not subject to our time, He’s the author of it. Time as we know it is subject to Him. Waiting for your baby may feel like a lifetime. You even begin to think you can’t have one. Your health, age, finances, relationship all point to it not happening for you. So did mine.

Until I aligned with the right time.

Getting pregnant is a natural thing for women. Doing it when the world, your doctor, spouse, bank account, friends, family and more say you can’t, well that’s when the Supernatural steps in. We must practice God’s principles in order to participate in His promises.

He took me on a journey that only He could orchestrate. All I did was trust His time. Your baby is ready in Heaven and as your Purpose Midwife, I’m here to help you push by giving practical strategies to add the super to your natural.

Its birthing season.

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