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Happy Sunday beautiful people! Its me Baby Aiden! Guess what!? On October 30th I completed my first 90 day run! Best launch ever with lots of promotions 🥳 3 months went by so fast!

I’m hitting a lot of 5 & 6 month milestones already! I’m growing really good and strong, 14lbs 23 inches to be exact! 💙

I love bath time so much now I like to show these adults how its done by grabbing the towel to do it myself. 😆 I’m still working on my range of motion but I have the concept down!

I can hold my head and chest up good during tummy time and when being held. I can stand up and take steps as long as I have a spotter 🏃🏾💪🏽 and I’m still getting lots of reading in, talking is so fun 😄 I make sure they can hear me all over the house! 🗣

Mommy and Daddy always play with me in the mirror thingy, its one of my favorite things to do. I can’t stop smiling when I see myself, I’m so handsome!

Laughing is one of my other favorite things as well, so I do that a lot especially when I watch Boss Baby and Clifford the Big Red Dog! Hopefully my parents will get the hint and buy their favorite boss baby a dog 🐶😆 seems pretty obvious to me!

And for those of you who saw the video of Daddy’s preaching and carrying on while putting coconut oil in my hair I want you know after careful consideration – I JOINED and will oversee the Nursery Ministry for a small honorarium of milk & kisses! 🥛😘

That’s about it for now! Thanks for all the calls and text messages checking on me, I feel all the love. Sending hugs 🤗 to you all! Have a blessed day!! 💙🏀🏈⚾️⚽️ #AidenNkwachi #GodsPromise

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